29 March, 2006

Tai Chi

Went back to Tai Chi class last night. First time in two weeks so I was feeling a little apprehensive about it. Would I remember the first module??

After an excruiciating warm up, I was all for going home there and then, I didn't realise how out of condition I'd got, but there you go. Mike decided we were going to do some different work. We had to partner up (of course, I had to have another instructor partner *me* up didn't I? Cringing was an understatement!) I had to pretend that there was a mosquito between my hand and his body and we couldn't squash it, which meant we had to keep an even pressure on each other whilst all the time moving from our centre - sounds confusing? It was! I think I must have killed enough mosquitoes for tourists not to be too bothered by them come summertime.

Next I had to put my hand on his shoulder and feel his energy, feel right inside and feel his feet grounded to the floor. Then I had to shut my eyes ... hmmm ... I had to feel him moving his arms around and then start to move his feet, all the time walking with him with my hand on his shoulder. Now if I could have relaxed, I think I would have really enjoyed it ... but I couldn't. Put it down to first night back nerves or still feeling a little stressed about what's happened during the last month, I'm not sure. But I think I learned a lot last night, strange as it seems, but true.

Hope I manage to get home in time to go tomorrow!

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