05 April, 2006

Alana took Becca to have another dress fitting for this "farce" on Saturday whilst I was at Tai Chi. Gary picked her up afterwards and took her home so I called back to see Alana to find out how it all went.

"Oh it's looking much better now," she said.

"That's good," I replied, "because last Saturday when she put it on, it looked like a sack of spuds on her."

Her face dropped...

"I mean, it's a £100 dress and I would have expected it to have fitted somewhere at least," I carried on.

"Well, my nan has altered the straps and it fits her much better now," she stammered.

"Let's hope so then," I said, "because it looked awful the last time I saw it."

She then went on to say that her grandmother is steaming the dress before she gives it back - hope she doesn't ruin it ... who am I kidding? Who cares??

I asked if she'd changed Bec's shoes yet. Nope. No surprise there then. If she had only asked her mother (me) instead of her auntie what size shoes Becca took, then none of this would be a problem... she'd better just hope that *they* fit too, because she's cutting it pretty fine.

Gary has now been asked to be an Usher. He's not too impressed but Alana said that she has no-one from her family that she can ask, which I find hard to believe, but there you go.

On a postive note though, yesterday I picked up the most gorgeous shrugs for Becca and Courtney. They are all fluff, like simulated rabbit fur, and sit beautifully on Bec's shoulders, so hopefully, that'll keep them warm whilst they are standing around outside. Alana can like them or lump them, because her attitude was, "well, they have sleeves, they don't need coats". They're VOILE! Hello????? Snow is predicted on Saturday!!!

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