05 April, 2006

I'm going nuts!

I decided on Sunday night to pull the threads for my mother's birthday present. I'm stitching her Country Summer to go with Country Spring that she had for Christmas. I looked at where I thought I'd put it, couldn't find the chart there, looked where I keep all my threads - nope, not there either.

I was about an hour hunting around, then I realised that I probably hadn't even bought it yet, (see what I mean?) hmm .....

I texted Claire at www.stitchdirect.co.uk (little plug for you there, Claire!) and she couldn't remember if she'd sent it to me or not either.

Turns out that I *had* in fact bought it and that it was in a "safe place".

I'm going nuts ...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

You got to love those 'safe' places haven't you.;-)