06 April, 2006

Gary has just asked me to help him write a speech on behalf of his father for the wedding on Saturday, this is what we came up with ...

The speech I am making now should really be made by our father, Sid, but sadly he can’t be with us.

Adrian meant the world to him and he would have loved today’s big occasion. I know he would have gone around all day with the biggest, proudest grin on his face, and a pint in his hand.

I am honoured to have been asked to fill my father's place, even though I am saddened by the circumstances. We all miss him very much. But I know he would want you all to enjoy the day and see the happy couple off in style.

Please raise your glasses, to Absent Friends ….

I think it sounds okay and I'm hoping that Adrian will too.

Unfortunately, as soon as Gary read it he broke down, so I'm praying that he'll be strong enough to deliver it on the day...

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