24 March, 2006

Catch up

Well the funeral went fantastically well, we were all so relieved. There was a bit of a hairy moment though when they lifted the coffin up on to the bearer's shoulders. I don't think anyone realised how heavy Sid was and Gary said he felt his knees buckle (and so did Adrian after), but after the initial shock, they were great. Between you and me, Gary wrote a letter to his dad and he put it on top of the coffin with a rose before he left the chapel.

The service was lovely, I sat next to Sharon who sat next to Alana (I've worked out what it is about Alana - she rubs me up the wrong way, she gives me the impression that she thinks she's better than me, I know she's not, but she comes over all high and mighty and that's why she rubs me up the wrong way. It took me a while, but I know now and can move on). Anyway, once they started singing Amazing Grace, Sharon started getting upset, so I cwtched her into me and she came alright then. Once the vicar mentioned how he'd had the pleasure of meeting Sid at theBlessing, Alana started blubbing and weeping, she should have had an oscar for that performance, let me tell you. It was just so false. I'm not being vicious, but it really was over the top.

The flowers were absolutely beautiful, Sharon's friend did us proud. The lilies were stunning, white with pink insides so they looked softer, somehow.

The journey though, seemed to take forever. It's about two miles to the Crem, but because we travelled so slowly, it seemed to be a lot further. As you drive into the crem, there's a long, long hill to approach the actual chapel where friends congregate to meet up with the funeral party, and we were all stunned at the amount of people that turned up, it was so warming to see. Peter started to lose it at that point, so I grabbed his hand. I was sitting in the middle with my mother in law at one side and Peter on the other. Gary was in front of me with Adrian so that they could get out quickly to bear the coffin. After that, Peter seemed to stick to me like glue, he said he felt strong by me.

The wake was great. One of my nephews turned up, high on drugs and started cursing and swearing the more he was drinking but in all fairness to Susan she smacked him down so nothing kicked off, which was what I was worrying about the whole time. So in all fairness, or chwarae teg as we say! he had a good send off and I'm thrilled that it all went so well. Gary and I must have gone through it minute by minute last night and he said he was chuffed it went so well. I wandered over and said hello to them and I knew my gran was watching over me and that's why I felt so strong.

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Michelle said...

I am glad it went so well Nichola. Best wishes to you all. :-)