17 February, 2006

Fri, 17th Feb 06

Well I've been on the anti biotics for a week now and I'm still not really any better. I'm just going to wait for the mammagram and see what that shows up. I'm trying not to worry, but with all the herceptin controversy that's in the news at the moment, my mind can't help but wander ...

Pain is around a 5 and it's been like that for the past four or five days now so it's not getting any better nor worse, it's just static.

I'm off for a week as from today - yippee!! I'm going to use the week to relax, stitch and read. I'm trying to finish off the DaVinci Code so that I can buy Stephen King's new "Cell" without feeling guilty that I already have one book on the go. (If I'm honest, I have a Harry Potter book on the go as well, but you didn't hear that from me, okay?)

My father in law was rushed into hospital yesterday. He keeps filling up with water. My future sister in law said, "You'd better be out in time for my wedding." The cow. The last thing he needs right now is her bleeting about her bloody wedding. I think it's partly through her that he's so ill. She's called it off once already, sigh ...

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