19 February, 2006

Holiday on Ice - Diamonds!

Went to see Holiday on Ice - Diamonds today. WOW! What a show! If you ever get the opportunity to go - GO!

The costumes were spectacular as was the skating. There was so much going on at once that my head was spinning! There was a gorilla skating on ice who had spotted a young lady walking along the front benches with her popcorn, what did he do? Well, followed her of course! He tapped her on the shoulder and the popcorn flew into the audience - so funny!

My daughter got a little worried when the fireworks went off at the end though, she thought the ice would melt.

Pain - 4/10 - pretty good!

Have to go into town tomorrow. Just when I think I've got her bottom half sorted, her top half grows. Now she's desparate for tops, sigh ...

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Heather said...

I took my 3 year old to see Disney on Ice in October and I've never seen her so quiet before!! Luckily my parents came to witness how quiet she was LOL. It was fantastic.