20 March, 2013


Last night, Max and I went for our nightly walk.  I took him along the same route that we normally go (we do deviate quite a bit, but this route is the main route to get to where we're going).   I digress.

We discovered two cats.  Now we have a cat, and they both tolerate each other, but any other cat is game on for Max.   You've seen pictures of him before wearing a harness - it's a police one so it's really sturdy and recommended for Staffys.   Then tell me this:  how did he slip out of that harness?

He flew across a street and into someone's garden after these two cats, thankfully there were a bunch of kids  who helped me chase after him but obviously they wouldn't go near him as he was a strange dog (to them) but to be fair to the oldest one, once I grabbed him, I couldn't hold him and get the harness back on but she held on (she must about been around 10, bless her).  Once he was safely back in harness, they all crowded around him and he just lapped it all up.   Attention Seeker.   I call him a Little Sod.

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