10 February, 2013

Four pairs!

Well last month I managed to knit and complete four pairs of socks, yes, FOUR PAIRS!!  I'm amazed.  Do you know what I think it might be?   I only log on once a day in the morning: I have to leave at a certain time for work and all my chores that I need to have done before then have to be done.  Once I get home at night, my chores are done once more, cook, wash up, laundry etc., and then I sit down and knit.  No logging back on, just uninterrupted knitting.

Now when I say, uninterrupted, you may think I sit and do nothing but knit, but oh no.  I have a young dog remember?  He tortures me to play fetch which I have to do, as I just can't resist his sweet little expectant look on his face (or the fact that he'll drop his toy on my yarn, or on my pattern, or in my lap, wherever it'll cause the most inconvenience really, but that's by the by.)

So this is the fourth pair of socks completed in January...

Darkus by Rachel Coopey

I'm just so proud of these as the cable was really fiddly and complicated (for me) but I got there in the end and I'm thrilled with them.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely socks. You have been missed on Facebook.

Karoline said...

The socks are gorgeous, congratulations

Victor Flores said...