22 December, 2012

Nora Corbett's Bluebell

My friend, Sue, who's always talking about but actually not stitching decided to stitch Water Lily, she's wanted it for ages, so for her birthday I bought her the whole caboodle, the chart, fabric, beads, braids and floss.  All she had to do was actually stitch it.

I thought I'd encourage her a little and stitch along with her only I wanted to do Bluebell.   It took around four weeks and I loved every second of it.   (Although I've yet to have her framed - I know, naughty me.)

Buggerlegs is still working on hers ... hmm .....

1 comment:

Lesleyanne said...

She is beautiful Nicola. Can't wait to see her framed. I hope your friend finishes hers soon.