22 December, 2012


Yesterday, we said goodbye to my Great Auntie Gretta (Margaretta Parry).  I didn't even realise that was her full name until around ten years ago, weird huh?

She was not only one of my favourite aunts, she was also my grandmother's best friend.  They did everything together.  They went to the same clubs together when they were younger, worked together cleaning the clinic  (my grandmother opened up and lit the fires every morning and they both cleaned it every night, yet my aunt was the supervisor and earned more as she should have been the one to open up every morning...)  They always sat together on trips and there were a lot of day trips with the OAP clubs and I just always remember her being there.

She had a tragic life, her husband was killed during World War II after he'd posted a letter to her (which she received) but he never knew that Gretta was carrying his baby.  She never remarried.

Yesterday they opened his grave and she finally joined him.  Last night, I went to bed thinking, she's finally with her Johnny and all her brothers and sisters having a good old catch up.  And I'll bet my grandmother was there to welcome her and they probably haven't stopped yapping since.

I'm almost certain that my Auntie Gretta is on the left and absolutely certain that my darling grandmother is on the right...

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