27 August, 2011


Well here she is after week 1. Now don't go getting excited, I've been on leave for a week so I could pick it up in the early morning whilst Max napped on my lap ... (who needs an alarm clock when you have a pup?)

Obviously the holes are where the beads are going but I'm not doing it yet as she's still on the Q Snap and I'm afraid they'll crush.

I don't know how I'm gonna type when Max is bigger, this is really hard as he's sitting on my lap and there's not a lot of room ...

Talking of Max, we compromised this morning. We did both a walk and a wander around the park before his vets appointment this afternoon. He's having a skin scrape which we hope will be clear. Fingers crossed.

He chased some crows and told a passing cat what for...

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Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on Sabrina. Hope Max's scrape goes well.