04 November, 2007

Garden Update (and other things)

Back again (and so soon!)

This morning I decided to have another "go" at the garden, this time getting all the rocks and rubble out with just some sieving left to do to get the smaller bits out, then I'm going to put loads of compost and manure in and let it all rot down over the winter. I would have loved to have got some dwarf beans and some onions in but it's not going to happen now, as I really need to let the earth, er, mature!

Here's some pics of what I was up to ...

Doesn't look much yet, does it? I'm planning on growing vegetables here. I'm turning out to be just like my grandfather, I think - he had one side of his garden full of flowers, the other ... full of veg!

As promised, here's a pic of something very special that a lady made for me whilst demonstrating fymo at the Knitting and Stitching Show on Saturday. She said that this was the most unusual thing that she'd been asked to make that day, hmm ...!

I bought some hand dyed sock wool which now has to be wound into a ball (sigh), if there's one job I hate, is doing that, still I think this wool will turn out to be really pretty socks, don't you?
I'm very close to finishing a sock that I'm knitting for my mother (pic when it's done). I used Posh Yarn's Eva as it's incredibly soft and she's just found out that she's has osteo-arthritis in her toes so I'm hoping that it'll give her some snuggly comfort as well as warmth.


Sally said...

Love the fymo mermaid:) and the colours of the wool are gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Your Mermaids is gorgeous Nichola. She was at the Exeter show as well and made a teddy bear for a young girl there. I really wished I asked her for a dragon at the time lol as she is so very clever.:-)