12 September, 2007

Nearly there!!!

I'm on week 5 and thought I'd be finished by now, but schools went back (and I wasn't anticipating how much time and energy I'd be spending covering schoolbooks (Mum, I can't use this sticky stuff, please help!!) and sewing name tags on about a thousand school garments ... not to mention the small bitty stuff that we simply couldn't have bought during the six weeks school holidays, hmm... (I can see mums out there nodding their heads at this).

So, poor Queenie had to sit patiently and play with her hair (well, she must have been so bored one night because I was nearly a day untangling that damn thing for her, heh heh heh!)

Here she is, impatiently swishing her tail at me and yelling at me to get her finished already.

(The white behind her head is actually the window at the other end of the room reflecting through the fabric, not me suddenly deciding that some beads and krenik would look quite good coming out of her hair.)

Everything has started back for Bec now, she had her first violin and orchestra session last week so I'm backing to taxi-ing her everywhere, I don't really mind though, if she enjoys it then I'm happy to do it.

I've been covering someone at work which meant four days of actually learning the job (it's very bitty) plus doing my own so I'm extremely snowed under at the moment but really enjoying it. I'm feeling it though, when I get home I'm shattered!

I spent a lot of time in the garden over the weekend, potting up bulbs for Spring and adding a splash of colour for the Autumn season too. I've decided that after covering over our borders with chippings and bark to stand the pots on, that I'd quite like to take it all off again and have a proper border instead so that'll be my job over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!


Chiloe said...

I do agree with her: she seems very bored wondering why she is not finished by now ... lol Why don't you take a day off from work to finish ! lol Have you ever the couple of mermaids some stitchers decided to stitch together from 2 designers (mirabilia and passiome riccano I think)

Shell said...

she will have to be a patient mermaid for a little while longer.
Will you be stitching one of the others to keep her company ??
I know what you mean about school stuff,my DD told me the day before she went back that her new school trousers that we had bought at the start of the holidays were now too small.

Sally said...

She is looking wonderful:)

Know what you mean about school stuff! My eldest DD thought she needed an A4 lever arch file just for one subject and now she needs one for each science subject! I don't know why they can't send them letters telling them what they need! Lol!

Little Grey Cat said...

She's looking wonderful!

Paula said...

She's stunning Nicola, won't be long before she's framed and hanging on your walls.
Happy stitching.....

Karen said...

She's looking wonderful! I'd love to see pictures of what you're doing in the garden, too!