27 August, 2007

Queen Mermaid Week 3

I can't put her down!!

I was hoping to get half of the chart finished by the end of the month, well, I've done it, plus I've already started on the other half - I really think she will be the quickest Mirabilia finish I've ever done!

I've also finished another pair of socks for Bec ...

Not a colour combo I would have chosen, but Bec loves them, so that's what counts!


Sally said...

Wow, your mermaid is certainly growing quickly! She looks gorgeous.

Love the socks! My youngest DD would love those colours!

Anonymous said...

Your mermaid looks beautiful. Are you beading her as you go along as she looks very sparkly.

Cute socks lol. I agree with your daughter, that colour combination is great!

Christine said...

It's a wonderful mermaid i couldn't put down too until it was finished !