05 August, 2007


Look what fell off the wall ~

Thankfully the fabric wasn't damaged (a stitchers worst nightmare, I'm sure), the frame has split though ~ you can just see it in running along from the bottom corner, so I have to have a new frame as well as new glass put in.

It's Bec's mermaid and she's gutted. I've told her that as we're off this week, we'll go straight down to the framers in the morning and get it sorted out as soon as possible.

I've started Deepest Love and Queen Mermaid, although I don't have a lot to show you, here's a pic I took last night. She has a little more hair now though.

I'm so sorry about the picture quality, for some reason I just couldn't get her into focus, she must be a little shy at the moment. Better pic at the end of the week, promise.

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Emily said...

That's really heart-breaking. I hope you are able to get it repaired!