17 April, 2007

Mini Disaster!

We had a bit of a situation last night though. I picked Bec up from the dojo and her face was like a fiddle, I thought Bungee (her instructor) had said that she couldn't grade or something disastrous like that, but it turned out that she'd lost an earring. I just said that we could replace them, it wasn't the end of the world, but then she said that they were a Christmas present from my mother and I remembered how expensive they were!! By this time we were in the car park so we turned around and went back in. Bungee said that she'd been looking for ages for them and he'd pull up all the mats after the kickboxing session. Fair play to him, it's a full size gym which is fully matted. By this time, Bec was nearly in bits, so I told her that if Bungee finds it then all would be fine, if not, we'd call back to the jewellers in Morriston on Thursday and see if we can get another pair for her. You should have seen the state she was in. What had happened was, she'd put them in to go to the theatre on Friday night and forgotten to take them out again, so unfortunately she's learned a hard lesson, bless her.

Another disaster then, she broke her D string over the weekend too. But she'll get that changed today with Mrs (angelic) Emmanuel, so it's no biggie. She used her old violin to practice on instead.

Worked on the brat - I really, really hate working on her, you know! I've been two years working on the set and I'm fed up with them all! I wanted to get down as far as her boot on the left hand side (I'm stitching snow now), but was four rows short when Prison Break started and thought sod it! Bless her, Sue was texting me some encouragement last night! (Only cos she was stitching herself mind!) I'll post a pic at the weekend when I've been working on her for a week.

Bec phoned me from my mother's yesterday and told me that she's got an inset day on Friday, sheesh, she's only just gone back to school! I'm supposed to be off on Monday for Virgin (remember the saga?!) so I phoned and asked if they could change it. To the 27th? Nope, the 20th please. Yep, no problem - see how easy it can be? The last time I spoke to someone we were over an hour and a half ...

Sue was on the bus this morning - she usually catches the one before me, so it was a nice surprise. She said that she was waiting for me. I had a feeling why, but didn't want to say, but when we got off in town I mentioned that it was my late grandmother's birthday today. She knew and that's why she waited. I was ok until I started date stamping the mail, then got upset. So what I'm going to do is buy some flowers lunch time and flex off early to go to the crem. I was going to leave it until tomorrow, but I want to go today instead. We're going to Starbucks and will have a celebratory cake or slice of something to wish her happy birthday.

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Bev said...

hope your D is feeling better, ( i thought it was only our house that had emergencies like that!lol)and the Brat is looking good, well done for persevering I would have given in by now!!