04 February, 2007

I've been tagged!

Karen has tagged me! Six weird things about me, here goes: -

1. When I used to drink tea with milk, I used to put the teeniest tiniest drop of milk in and everyone used to say it wasn't worth putting in. But that's the way I've always drunk it and it was very hard to get used to without. That teeniest tiniest drop made all the difference to me.

2. I love to write fanfics but never publish them. I had a dream on holiday once that played out like an episode from CSI Miami, I spent the rest of the holiday tweaking it in my head and when I got home, I typed it all out ... all 147 pages worth.

3. I can wiggle my little toe independently from the rest of my toes!

4. I can't leave my hands or legs hang over the side of the bed, no matter how hot it is. I was in Italy staying with a friend when I was teenager and we were telling ghost stories, one was about a young woman who slept with her hand hanging over the bed and a "thing" grabbed it and bit it off ... yeah, I know, stupid, but I still can't do it!

5. I usually have to have two of everything. For example, if I'm buying sock yarn, I have to buy two different balls or skeins.

6. I always read a magazine or newspaper backwards.

Now who shall I tag?! I know ...

Redwitch, Karoline, Michelle, Paula,


Karen said...

Great list Nicola! I can wiggle my little toe independently, too!!

Sue said...

Hi, I've recently come across your blog and think your stitching is just lovely. I love reading the weird things people list. Hope to be back to visit again.