07 January, 2007

Psoriasis update and other things ...

Many thanks to Karoline and Karen for their support in my quest to get rid of my psoriasis. I've managed to stick to the rigid diet quite well so far and discovered that I really don't like soya milk, so I'm happy to go without. I wasn't keen on normal milk so I had a feeling I wouldn't take to soya. Never mind, it's no hardship.

Actually, I went Starbucks and had my first soya coffee ... and it was BLOODY AWFUL! The man behind the counter could see that I wasn't particularly looking forward to trying it and to be fair said that if I didn't like it, I could change it (free of charge). Well to be fair, I drank about a quarter of it but couldn't stomach any more, it was turning me, so I sat quite happily with a decaff black coffee.

My head was pounding for the first few days though, as I'm detoxing from caffine too. I was popping pills every four hours but I've been fine over the weekend, so I must be caffine free now!

Here's a strange thing. I was putting my contact lenses in a couple of days ago, then started to clean my teeth and realised that I wasn't seeing 20/20. The left lens had somehow disappeared. I looked all over for it, no sign. I was remembering a couple of months ago I lost one and found it a week later folded up in my eye. Anyway, I started to panic a bit, but couldn't see it anywhere, no sign of it in my eye either. So took the other lens out and put my glasses on. I was telling my boss and she told me to call into the optitions (just up the road) to double check. To be fair, he saw me straight away and put some dye in my eye, checked it with an ultra violet light, no sign. Bought a new pair and left. Put the new pair in when I got back to work and my eye was picking. I thought it was because it had been messed about with, but no. Took the lens out, then took another out. Yep, it was there underneath the new one! Bizarre or what?

Took Bec to see her Consultant on Thursday, he was so pleased with her that he's signed her off! YAY!! I was practically doing cartwheels! Wheeeee!!! He said that as long as she keeps up with her physio she should be fine. She'll probably have pain when she has growing spurts but we will have to cope with that when the time comes, but on the whole, she's fine! How brilliant is that? It's taken nearly two years to get to this point and now she's finally been given the all clear! Yay!


Redwitch said...

Well done with your efforts, I'm sure you'll benefit in lots of ways. I'm trying to drink 8 glasses of water each day and that's tough, you're doing really well! Glad to hear about your daughters progress to - great news :) (Love the colours in your Middy piece too.)

Paula said...

Thats great about your daughter. You must be so relieved.
I tried drinking soya milk when I first stopped eating meat but I really couldn't stand it apart from the chocolate flavour one.

Karen said...

How strange about your lens! I'm surprised the doctor didn't see it! I'm glad it all turned out okay, though, and that you didn't hurt your eye.

Happy to hear about your daughter's progress, too! I'm sure she's thrilled to be done with her physio (at least in the office).

As for the soy, have you tried chocolate soy milk? It's heaps better than the regular kind. Especially a brand called Silk. Not sure you can get that where you live, though.