27 November, 2006


After Bec's physio therapy session last Thursday, Hannah gave us the go ahead to try some yoga. The gym we use runs a Mother's and Daughter's session every Monday night, so that's where we've just been.

Well, what a lovely session! We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Bec has done yoga before, but it was my first time. I explained to the teacher that she has a back problem so that she was aware that Bec might have some difficulties, but to be fair to her, she was wonderful with Bec, she kept asking if she was okay and reassuring her that she was doing fine. Her balance is a bit squiffy at the moment, but we've been assured that it'll come over time, which is good to know.

The seesion wasn't too intense as it was a beginners class so I think it'll be something that will build up over time. Right at the end, she turned all the lights off and put some lovely restful music on while we laid on the floor and totally relaxed ... bliss!

I've booked another class for next Monday, plus some pilates and body balancing, but I'll have to see the teacher and ask if she'll accept Bec for these as they are supposed to be adults only. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Lorna said...

What a lovely idea. It would be good for me and my 14yo DD to do something like that together.

Redwitch said...

That's great news. I do yoga and pilates, sometimes it's an effort to go to the classes but I always feel better after. I had to go to a chiropractor earlier this year for a neck/shoulder problem and they were v.pleased that I did the classes as yoga/pilates are both good for posture, strength and flexibility. The relaxation in yoga is really good for stress too. I'm sure it'll be really good for both of you!