09 November, 2006

Update on Rebecca's Consultant Appointment

Today we had to go back to the hospital to see her Consultant and get the results from her Bone Scan.

As expected, they were clear (such a relief) but she is still in pain. We met a really nice doctor who explained that the bone had healed well and he thinks some physiotherapy is now in order to strengthen her abdominal wall and back muscles so that he can get her standing straight again. (She slouches a lot because it lessens the pain). He was almost certain that this would give her the relief she needs. He recommended that we come back to see him in three months to check that the physio is working.

I asked if it was possible to go to a hospital nearer to where we live (it's literally up the road from Bec's school) because they are digging up all the roads in the centre of Swansea right now and it's a total nightmare to navigate through the roadworks twice a day when *I* go to work, let alone another twice for physio. He was more than happy to oblige and said he'd get on to it straight away.

The next thing a Physiotherapist poked her nose through the curtains (we were in a cubicle) and said that she will be contacting me as soon as possible to get her started. She was just so nice! There is usually a waiting list for this sort of thing apparently but she's going to get Bec in urgently. Wonderful!

The doctor then came back and asked if we could bring her back in two months instead, just to see how she is. Absolutely no problem, it's great that things are finally starting to happen for her. I know that she's had scan after scan after scan, but it's all the waiting around inbetween and doing nothing that's been the most frustrating. At least now, they are actually going to work with her to get her pain free.



Karen said...

Sounds like she's making progress! Hope she's back to 100% quickly!

Redwitch said...

Hey, that's excellent news :) you must be really relieved. Good luck with the physio, hope all goes well.