19 June, 2006

Update on Bec

Phoned the Doctor's surgery on Friday, as requested, to check that the xray report was back and surprise, surprise it wasn't. They promised to chase it up and have it faxed ready for this morning's appointment at 9 a.m.

Just to be on the safe side, I phoned early to check that they had in fact received it, but they hadn't, sigh ... I was told that they would ring me when the report was back. Well, by the time I'd stewed over it, remember, she's been waiting nearly two weeks for this appointment, I decided to phone the hospital's Radiology Department myself.

I was told that the report had been typed up last Friday but wasn't aware that the G.P.'s surgery had phoned to request it faxed. Well, I saw red.

I phoned the G.P.'s receptionist and told them that I'd taken it upon myself to chase this report up and would be ringing later to find out if it had arrived. She got irrate with me and told me to ring back in the morning to check if there was an appointment available for Rebecca.

No way.

She had an appointment this morning and it was their screw up, not ours. If the report was in today, she would be seen by a doctor today and I didn't care if she had to be seen as an emergency neither.

I phoned back just before leaving work and found out that it had in fact arrived and told her that I would be in later. "Is it an emergency?" she had the cheek to ask. "Er, Hello?? She's been in almost constant pain for weeks now, I consider that to be an emergency, don't you?"

She wasn't impressed. I'm sure she's the one I spoke to on Friday when she told me that no news was good news and therefore there shouldn't be anything to worry about. When I want a Receptionist's medical opinion, I'll ask for it, until then, I'll stick with a qualified doctor...

Anyway, I've just got back and the xrays have revealed that her vertebrae hasn't healed at all. It's still crushed, so he's referred her back to the fracture clinic, so we have to wait for an appointment at a different hospital now.

In the meantime, she can keep on swimming (gently) and do a little karate (practice her kata's etc), but no sparring or blocking which is fine.

So we're back to the waiting game again.


Karen said...

I had the same problem a few months ago with an MRI. I had to call the MRI office myself to get results, as my doctor wasn't returning my phone calls. Aren't the staff at doctor's offices impossible??!! If you have the good fortune to find a good, patient, caring doctor these days, you still have to deal with their often less than competent office staff. Grrrr... Sorry to hear she still has some healing to do.

Michelle said...

Totally agree and the NHS is so inept especially with test results etc. I also seem to find that receptionists are more and more officious nowadays. And so much for her 'no news' comment-how wrong was she. Grrrr
Also gentle hugs for Bex and hope they get her sorted soon.