25 June, 2006

Rebecca came back from her three day field trip at Dan y Coed on Friday. The school bus was there just as I pulled up. Of course, I had to simple her and run up to give her a huge hug, which she managed to squirm out of ... sigh ... It'll be "meet me down the road, not outside the school" next!

She had a brilliant time, barbeque on the beach, ice cream in the village, strawberry picking at Nicholston and plenty of playing on the beach. No time to miss me which was great! I think ...! Heh heh heh!! She had a major nosebleed while she was there though, and everyone panicked except for her, she's so used to them now, but of course, she had to bring me back a present ... every single piece of clothing had blood on it!

Actually she bought me a beautiful bookmark in the shape of a butterfly, just at the right time too seeing as I've just started a new book ... lucky me!

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