25 June, 2006

Bec's birthday

After so many late nights, I had to wait for Rebecca to wake up! She finally surfaced at 9.30! She loved her new psp with games and films. I think it's going to be permanently clamped to her fingers for the next few months! She's already had to recharge the batteries, so that should tell you something!

We went 10 pin bowling in the afternoon with some of her friends which was great, everyone enjoyed themselves and most of them were so polite! It was such a pleasure to take them out.

My brother in law and sister in law (Peter and Sharon) came as my niece is only four and wanted to join in which was fine, but of course the witch (Alana, my latest sister in law) thought that I was deliberately excluding her by not asking her. What she should have thought of before putting the bullets in for her new husband to fire was that I didn't invite Peter and Sharon formally, I only invited my niece who is obviously Rebecca's cousin, in other words, only children were invited ... maybe I should have invited her after all, she behaves like a spoiled child half the time anyway, hmmm ...

Anyway, got home last night, surprisingly exhausted actually, and Bec went straight upstairs, PSP on and that was the last we saw of her until this morning! Hope the novelty wears off a little or we'll never see her again!

This afternoon we went out for a meal with my parents in tow, Bec thoroughly enjoyed herself, she's such a sociable little girl, oops, I mean, young lady! Goodness, she'll be in a big school come September, now there's a sobering thought!

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