25 June, 2006


First of all I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my my mother's birthday present, it really did give me a boost!

The Council have decided (in their wisdom, sigh ...) to change Swansea into a one way system so that we can have bendy buses in 2008, so they've started now. Instead of changing the system over on Friday night like they were supposed to, they decided to throw everyone a curve ball and do it Friday morning (rush hour). Can you imagine what it was like? There were road marshalls at strategic points along the new route who were trying to give out leaflets of the new system but were just getting screeched at by irate motorists who were trying to make the most of the last day of relatively stress free motoring (or so we thought) before the new one way system kicked in.

The radio presenters were harping on about how the 23rd of June was scientifically proven to be the happiest day of the year, well, they obviously weren't broadcasting from Swansea then, were they???

I left for work at 8.10, hoping to get there for 8.30 to get a head start on my intranet work, I finally walked into the office at 9.00, stressed out of my mind having negotiated the flipping new one way system, grrrr!!!!!

I knew where I wanted to get to, I just couldn't get there, grrrr!!!!!

Can't wait to go to work tomorrow ... oh yeah, and just when we get used to it, they are introducing Phase 2 three weeks before Christmas ... deep joy...

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