15 April, 2006

Good Friday

Had a lovely chill out day yesterday. Took Bec to the cinema yesterday afternoon to see Ice Age 2, she's been wanting to see it for ages. There's a lovely French market that's come to visit so we had a leisurely walk around it and bought some lovely french biscuits - delish!

She's been worrying about algebra. Apparently, she's been tested in readiness for Comprehensive School in September and there were six or seven questions about algebra. She's said that she hasn't even been taught it yet, which is odd... Anyway, whilst in town yesterday, I bought her a maths book that has some simple alegbra in it, so we'll go through it over the Easter break together and hopefully, it will have "clicked" before she goes back.

Ice Age 2 wasn't as good as the first ones, but then sequels in my opinion usually aren't. I love that squirrel thing though - so cute!

Must remember to tape Dr Who for her tonight ....

I started work on my mother's birthday present last night. Didn't get a lot done as I was feeling so tired for some reason. Going to get loads done today though ... I hope!

Just drove the truck to my mother's house to drop Bec off ... and stalled it right on the roundabout, which is on a very steep hill. See Bec panic! I automatically reached down to pull the handbrake up which is in a totally different place to a car. It's just underneath the dashboard, then the stupid thing wouldn't start ... it was worth it just see the panic on her face, bless her heart! To be fair, it's a pig to drive.

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