22 April, 2006


Why on earth did I agree to work today (Saturday?)

Our office is expanding into next door and the builders have decided that today will be a really good day to knock through - hence - drilling (and lots of it...) There are four staff in today and we can barely hear ourselves think let alone hold a decent conversation. Sigh ...

Can't wait to get home, peg the washing out and sit down for some serious stitching, after taking two paracetamols for the headache and ringing in my ears, of course.

I have two pals who are err, shall we say, encouraging me to get Country Summer done (oh alright, nagging then!) in time for my mother's birthday in June, which is all good as I need to crack on with her. I'm going to stitch the cap this weekend as it's got two symbols very similar to each other (-) and (=) and I know it's going to be a pain to do. I'm going to be posting weekly pics on Claire's forum and here to prove that I'm being a good daughter and getting on with it. When it's done I'm going to start another HAED, I think ...

I'd like to thank Sam, Fudgey and Karen for their lovely comments about Jasp and my stitching too - I really appreciate them! xxx

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Michelle said...

Hiya there Nichola, sorry about the drilling but don't let it put you off the mop cap later as we are watching you ;-)
Also I think since that post the numbers encouraging you have gone up too.:-)
Take care and hope the drilling goes down a bit. Failing that try and lace their tea with something so they just have a quiet snooze for a few hours.:-)