11 January, 2013

What a morning!!

Ever wish sometimes you should have just stayed in bed? I not talking about just having a duvet day, but an honest to goodness, never should have got up kinda day? Well today was it for me.... Read on...

Max woke me up at 2.30 this morning, whimpering to go out. Okay, you can't leave him in distress, if he needs to go, then he needs to go.

Max woks me up yet again at 3.20 a.m. Not happy, but still, I saw to him again, whilst he was up the garden doing whatever it was he was doing, Jasper came for a visit (read: wailing his head off for some grub). Right both animals sorted, quick visit to the bathroom and back to bed.

I was so tired this morning I went back to sleep only to he woken up by Mr G telling me he was going. I always get up just after him to see to Max and get the coffee on.

Freezing this morning so Mr G told me there was black ice and to be careful. Okay.

Stubbed toe (on Max's discarded hoof treat) and a jammed finger in the cupboard door later, I was on my way to work.

A taxi driver opened his door as I was going past making me swerve (and swear like a sailor due to the black ice) I was finally on the main road. Now I haven't posted that I've only just had the car back from the garage because Mr G pranged the back end of it last week, and my lovely friend Sue has been giving me a lift in and takes a different route in, so I thought, give it a go. If I did....

I had another car door open on me. This time a frantic woman begging for help as her sister was fitting in her car. I pulled over and asked her what I could do. Another driver phoned an ambulance so I just reassured her whilst she was giving all the details to control. As I looked up, who did I see parking up? My lovely friend.

She couldn't work out what had happened. She thought a car had run into the back of me, mine was in front of the lady parked up but the other helper was parked in front of me, guess what? She only thought that I had a prang on the front too!!!! Good grief!!! One prang is enough!! Duw, she has some imagination that one!!

Anyhow all seemed well when I left, I hope she's okay and doing well now.

Oh and another thing, I was queuing at the cashpoint and a woman picked up a silver 5p off the floor, gave it to me and said "Silver. For luck."

I nearly hit her...

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Karoline said...

Hmm that was a bit too eventful :\