23 December, 2012

Nothing like a bit of stress....

Just had my grocery order from Tesco arrive. I like to have it delivered on Christmas week to save all the crowds. As a friend said yesterday, "You couldn't put a fag paper between them..." Oooo!!

Anyhoo, happily putting it all away and an uneasy feeling came over me. Where was the turkey crown? Went through all the bags. Nothing.

Ok, don't panic. I phoned Customer Services who asked how much it cost. I hope they weren't refunding me! Not at all. I think it was a security question. She rang the driver and it wasn't on his van so she phoned the store for a replacement. I was dreading her telling me that they were sold out. Well you know how it is. But to be fair, they had one the same size. Phew. The store manager phoned me to apologise and sent another driver out straight away with another.

Panic over, crisis diverted... But I didn't get my nuts, sigh...

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Karoline said...

Phew! Glad it was easy to sort.

Hope the leg is doing better now.