21 August, 2011


I said I wouldn't have another dog, but Gary and Becca caught me on an off moment and within 48 hours, I was driving up the motorway on my day off to fetch him...

Butter wouldn't melt would it?

Poor thing has had a bit of a rough start though. Within a couple of days of having him, Jasper, our cat took a well aimed swipe at him and caught his eye. I took him straight to the vet who gave him an anti-biotic jab plus a pain killer, then some drops to go away with. I had to take him back the following day in the hope that his eye would be ok and he wasn't blinded in it. Thankfully, it seemed ok and after two weeks of eye drops (not a happy puppy having them put in let me tell you) no infection set in and his scratch had healed to a little scar.

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that his fur was starting to fall out, particularly on his head, poor boy, so back to the vets we went. He had a skin scrape and it turns out that he had microscopic mites that were burrowing into his fur and taking over his immune system. We now have to bath him weekly in this foul smelling lotion and he has to have skin scrapes every month until he has two clear ones.

Bec took him for me so he could have the first one and it was intended that they would give him a little "whiff" of anaesthetic just to calm him down (he's only 16 weeks old after all) and do the skin scrape and then I could collect him at lunch time. But no. He wasn't having any of that. Thankfully Bec hung around. The vet came out and asked if she was going home, yes, well could she possibly take Max home with her as he was wreaking havoc in the back as he was yelling the place down and upsetting the other patients ... lol! That's my boy! He hates being on his own and loves to cwtch in to you. Bless him.

(And just think, I couldn't take to him at all for the first couple of days, now I ask Bec to send me "pic of the day" as she's home all day!)

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