01 August, 2010

Bloody Hell!

Has it been May since I last blogged? Well it must be. I really must pull my finger out and get blogging more regularly. Maybe I should set aside say a Wednesday and a Sunday to sit down and actually write something! What do you think?

So much has happened since May, I have moved to another department and the head of that department (not the director I hasten to add) is an absolute bastard. There are no other words to describe him unless, bully, tyrant or even Jeckyl/Hyde will suffice. Maybe all of them ... all I know is that you only have to say his name to me or I only have to see him walking towards me and I shake. I physically shake.

Right, enough said about that. This is my blog and I want it to be a pleasant place to write and for you to read so unless something major happens, I'm never going to write about it again. If something funny or good happens, then I will but not the bad things. I just don't want to write about it.

I've been to Turkey and had a wonderful time there. It was really hot though, far too hot for me. We usually go in May/June but Bec had external exams this year (she's taken some early, brainy kid) so we had to wait. No biggie as she could enjoy herself without worrying about exams when we got back.

We went here temperature was high 30's and touched 40 (centigrade) at lot of the time so I tended to dip in and out of the sun rather that just fry all day like some people. The sea was amazingly full of sealife. You couldn't swim far without a school, is it a school or shoal, of fish swimming by. At dusk Bec and me used to go for a walk along the seafront and peer into the water, we saw prawns, crabs and, get this, a STINGRAY!!! I've never, ever seen one before in my life and, I'm ashamed to say it, I had to ask Bec what it was (blush).

Water was flat calm and clear. (And 26 degrees C!)

The obligatory mermaids ...

That's 8:00 P.M.!!!!!

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