06 December, 2009

I've been ill ... and busy ... and tired... and ...

Thanks to Rosie and Karen for nudging me and asking if I'm ok. I am, full of a chesty cold but I'm still here, and thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate it. Life just gets in the way of taking time out and relaxing in front of the poot just to update my blog. Usually by the time I get home, it's gone 8 before I sit down and then it's Christmas knitting or just slumped in front of the box because I'm too tired to do anything else. Enough of my whingeing!

Bec took a flute exam last Saturday. She was full of a cold (which I think is now flu as she hasn't been to school in a week and has slept for most of it). She's the type that's really ill for a day or two and then as right as rain. Not this time. Hmm ... Anyway, to be fair to the examiner, he let her have a few goes when a coughing fit or a blocked nose got too much so we're keeping our fingers crossed for her. Probably be kept dangling until after Christmas though, sigh ...

After that we went to Cardiff to see Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance". We decided to go on the train thinking that by the time we left the exam we wouldn't be able to park in Cardiff and the train station is only a five minute walk away. What we didn't bank on was the rugby match between Wales and Austrailia - the train was packed! Thankfully Swansea is the first stop so we managed to get seats but it rammed the whole way - cracking atmosphere though, rugby fans are always friendly and happy. The show was incredible, I've always wanted to see it ever since watching it on t.v. over 10 years ago and as this is the final tour, it wasn't something I was going to miss.

I've been knitting socks for my mum - to be honest, I started making these for myself and foolishly took them up to show her when I'd just started them, she fell in love with them and suddenly they became her present - how did that happen?!

I really enjoyed making them though, first time reading properly from a chart and it suddenly made sense when everyone said that you learn to "read" your knitting when reading it from a chart - it was a total revelation to me!

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