06 September, 2009

Central Park Un-Hoodie Completed (Front)

Well here it is! (I'll take a pic with me wearing it when I don't look a total fright like I do today!)

Anyway, Karen asked what I would call a hoodie that's not a hoodie, well, it can either be an "Un-hoodie" or a "Hoodless" Hoodie or a plain ole cardi. So it's up to you! You decide!

I was going to do a bigger collar but realised a few rows in that I should have picked up on the opposite side which would hide the seam but I'm happy to have it this way, the aran is stiff enough to stand up the way I wanted it to anyway.

I'm so thrilled with it though! Plus I have enough yarn over to make this Tudora (maybe two) it looks like a quick knit so I'm off to cast on!


Karen said...

Great job, Nicola! It's beautiful! (PS: I've posted pix of the gorgeous socks you made me on my blog). :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh that looks great perfect for the chilly mornings we 've bee having.