04 September, 2009

Central Park Hoodie

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I'm having a nightmare! I've picked up and ribbed the button band, blocked it overnight and let it rest today but I still can't get the damn thing to line up and I've no idea what to do about it.

Thinking I'd be really clever, I decided to iron, yes, iron my pure new wool hoodie. The one thing you must never, ever do is iron straight on to pure wool ... it burns ... so anyway, there I was, unpicking the mess of melted wool ribbing off the other front and desperately trying to work out how to do it. Answers on a postcard would be very much appreciated please! Better still, if you know how to get it lined up I'd be ever so grateful to receive your advice. I'm thinking larger needles maybe and/or using the needles to pick up every "ladder" between the vertical rib. I think this will be visiting my mum's on Sunday ...

Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me on getting through the bullying - obviously I haven't said half as much as I could have done as it's an open blog but trust me, it has been hell and regular readers and friends, know I'm not one for exaggeration when it comes to this type of thing. It's hard getting through each day but I'm getting so much support in work from people I trust plus of course, outside of work that I know I can get through these last few weeks relatively unscathed if I let things just slide and go over my head. I caught some looks passing between her and another member of staff who is one of a small handful of her friends when I was trying to sort out a problem on the phone for her. It was the "rolling of the eyes" as if to say "how incompetent can you possibly be?" when in fact it was someone who shall remain nameless's job to sort in the first place - ooo, a Harry Potter moment! She crapped herself when I looked directly at her and caught her doing it though, if you are innocent, you don't blush to the roots of your hair now do you?

Got a weekend of knitting planned and catching up on some stuff I've taped, bliss ...

By the way, I have some excellent news. Bec took an external maths exam two years early and she had the result back today. 147 out of 160 and the highest possible grade of C. She'll now do another one next June which, if she passes will take it up to an A or B and then her third the year after which will take her to A or A* - by doing one a year, takes the pressure off having to do the three all at once. Not many get this opportunity so all I can say, is well done Bec, keep it up!


Karen said...

Wish I could help you with your knitting, but I have no idea how to knit! :( As for work, just keep your head up and walk tall! Let her do her worst--soon she'll just be a bad memory. Great news about Bec!

Paula said...

I ended up picking up extra stitches on mine to get it to sit right. So long as you have the same amount each side and it sits okay, it will work out. This was advice I was given by someone else.