22 April, 2009

Too Sweet!

A short while ago, a work colleague went into premature labour with her twins, unfortunately, the little boy died, but her daughter survived, although it was touch and go for a while afterwards. It's now great to hear that she's doing so well and they have been told that a tentative date for early June has been set for her to go home.
As my mother was also a twin who lost her sister (five days after she was born) I felt I really must do something - I only wish I'd taken photos - so I made several preemie hats for her. This was the reply I had yesterday ...

Hiya Nic

Mum has asked me to email you ... Thanks for my fab little hats - I cant wait till I'm big enough to be wearing some clothes !! At the moment I'm wearing just a nappy and an incubator hat !! They're all the rage here !!

I had an operation last Thursday to close a duct on my heart - well at least I got to go to Bristol for a trip to get it done ! I'm recovering well and came off the vent on Sunday - hopefully this time I will stay off it. I am now weighing 2lb12oz, so wont be long before I can get in to some clothes !

Will come and visit you when I'm bigger and stronger - I'm not due out of hospital till early June so long way to go yet


It's lovely to be appreciated and a little note goes a long way knowing how tired and busy they must be to take time to write this.

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