24 April, 2009


Well this week has been a very busy week! It seems to have flown by. I have been home late every night and if I haven't I've been dashing off somewhere again, aerobics or pilates class ...

Talking about Pilates, I mentioned yesterday that I felt great, today however, it's a very different story! My "core" muscles - which between you and me I never knew I had - are aching! Don't get me wrong, it's a good ache, the type you get when you've had a really good workout and you are not at the point where you can't move, but have that, well, ache!

Rebecca had a brilliant day at work yesterday. She took part in "Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work" Day. She had some training with the webteam which she said she enjoyed a lot, then after lunch she worked on a powerpoint presentation and had some talks about what a typical day was like in an office, which, again I think she enjoyed. There'll be some photo's floating around soon so once I get these, I'll post a couple up.

I read on RosemaryConley's Twitter that "The staff danced a stunning routine to Michael Jackson's Thriller" so no doubt, I'll be aerobic-ing to THAT on Monday... watch this space!


Juls said...

Glad that you're still enjoying Pilates!

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