05 July, 2007

Concert at Neath

Last night Bec performed with her orchestra at St David's in Neath (we didn't have a clue how to get there!) What a wonderful performance she gave too! She's come along so far since she's changed teachers, her confidence has grown tremendously and I was so proud of her.

She has her Grade 3 exam on Saturday and her nerves are starting to twang a little (read "she's freaking out"). I texted her teacher and asked if she could have another lesson before Saturday but she's unable to fit her in at the moment. All Bec needs to do is calm down a little and she'll be fine. She's playing her pieces brilliantly but its the oral part that's getting to her and I don't know how to help her out there.

Still it's only two days away so a few nerves at this point isn't too bad, I think.

I've pre-ordered the new PR chart, together with the braids, beads and fabric! Claire at Stitch Direct knew how much I wanted her so set it all up on her homepage, so it's just a matter of waiting for it all to arrive now. I've gone for the recommended fabric of PolStitches Stormy Seas too! I hate choosing fabrics so when I saw how pretty this was, the decision was taken out of my hands, thankfully.

I'm still working on Middy, I've run out of a braid (which is on order). I'm hoping to have all the stitching done by the end of the weekend, so I'll be posting a pic then.

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Sam said...

I'm glad your daughter's doing so well Nicola. Fingers crossed for Saturday for her!