30 June, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The weather is flipping awful. As I sit here, looking outside from my office desk (yes I'm in work, sigh) the rain is going sideways as well as coming down. Sheesh ... I want nothing more than to get home, change into something warm and comfy, have a hot cuppa (a la Nicola as my good friend Rosie says) and stitch Middy.

She's been neglected for far too long, bless her, and after Paula's finish this week over on the Stitch Direct Forum, I really need to get her done.

Thanks to all who have posted (and also those to are reading my blog) and have said some lovely things - I really appreciate it. Jot - this is what Silver Moon Fairy will look like when she's done.

Other news, well, last Thursday there was a parents evening for the Year 7's for us to discuss how our little darlings have settled in to life at Comprehensive School and to talk about their school report. Bec's was really good, it seems that she was quiet and shy when she got there (sussing things out more like) but now she has matured and is an active member of the class. Her history teacher is completely barking! She took one look at poor Bec and said "Oh My God, not you!!" To which Bec flushed to the root of her hair! She told us that she just missed a level 5 grade by a whisker, purely because she ran out of time in the exam - Bec is very "flowery" in her writing, she likes to get everything down as she thinks it, rather than taking a few moments to compose what she wants to say, I'm sure that will change as she gets older and wiser so no-one is worrying about it at the moment. Her english teacher said more or less the same thing. I remember Bec saying that she panicked during her exam and that reflected in her result - no problem, her work throughout the year was consistent, I'm pleased.

Her maths teacher, although gave her a good report wasn't too happy about the way she hands her homework in. She gives it in, just not on time. I think the problem here is that she's unsure of what she's doing, leaves it to ask her friends and then ends up not being able to hand it in on time. Next term, I'll sit down with her every night and go through her homework and if she's unsure, encourage her to go and see him the next day rather than leave it. He doesn't seem the type to be approached though - just the feeling I got.

Her science teacher was nothing short of glowing about her! But she loves science and it's once of the subjects she really excels in. He aimed to get her to level 4 and she reached 5.25 - not bad eh?! (You can almost see me puffing my chest out with pride, can't you?!)

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JOT said...

Thanks for the link. It is a beautiful design, I am looking forward to watching your progress!

Hopefully you are at home now enjoying that cuppa. :) The rain is awful!

You must be so proud of Bec!