04 October, 2006

Just a ramble ...

When Rebecca went to Comprehensive School her music teacher asked if anyone could play an instrument. Of course, Bec's hand shot up and she's now in the school orchestra, which she's totally loving.

She also gets extra lessons at school too. You should see her on a Tuesday, she has her school bag, her violin and her sports kit to contend with. Poor baby, it looks like she's left home.

Anyway, it was at one of these extra lessons that her teacher invited her to join the West Glamorgan Youth Orchestra. That's a big thing here, Julian Lloyd-Webber (Andrew Lloyd-Webber's brother for those not in the know) used to rehearse with this orchestra so I think she's in good company.

Her other teacher (the one I pay) was a little sheepish when I politely asked if it was okay for her to join. He'd never mentioned it before and I thought it only fair to ask seeing as he's been teaching her from day one. He said that he thought it was a brilliant idea and he should have mentioned it weeks ago. (Why on earth didn't he then?)

Well, she went last Friday and both Gary and I thought she would be a bit overwhelmed when we saw the amount of people there, I mean, there was even two coachloads! But Andrew took her under his wing and led the way to the rehersal room. We fretted and worried for two hours and went back early to wait in the car for her. By 7.55 my nerves were twanging and I decided to go in and wait for her. You should have seen her face coming out! She absolutely loved it! What a relief! She's learing "Mission Impossible" at the moment and I can't help but have flashes of that squirrel (UK readers will be nodding their heads as they read this) where the squirrel runs along this mini assault course for his nuts, all the while Mission Impossible is playing in the background. I'm pretty sure the advert was for Carling Black Label!

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Sam said...

You must be so proud of Rebecca! I can picture the squirrel too...