10 August, 2006

Totally fed up

I think I'm overtired. I've had a couple of late nights this week and I'm feeling it, plus I haven't been able to get to the gym in over a week which is making me miserable. I love the feeling when I've just finished a good workout, but my ankle has been too sore and I don't want to make it any worse.

I arrived in work this morning and as soon as I got there, I could feel myself going into a "downer". Last week, the boss decided that everyone's desk must be totally clear each night and because I wasn't at work a couple of my colleagues decided to "clear my desk" which meant that my coffee mug was shoved into my drawer, all my personal niknaks hidden away (two pics of Rebecca) and my desk just felt generally de-personalised. I wouldn't have minded if I'd have done it myself, but it was the fact that it was done for me and without my knowledge that's sort of upset me.

To top it all, my computer files have also been tampered with, no explanation given, just files totally messed up so that I've had to spend the morning re-entering mail merge fields that have miraculously "disappeared" overnight, yeah, rrrrrrrrright ...

Why don't people just ask?? I'm not an unapproachable person, I'm just not there at the time? Surely a day won't make a difference?

Then to top it all, files I was working on yesterday and was going to be put away first thing this morning, disappeared. Apparently, they were "moved". They were already out of sight, so why on earth did certain people go looking for them? To deliberately wind me up first thing this morning, or what?

My colleague, to be fair, asked me what was up and I snapped her head off (I later apologised) but I was just so fed up today, it isn't like me at all to be like this.

I flexed off and finished early and decided to go straight to the gym. Flint was there and he always cheers me up. We had a chat about Gary's session on Saturday, he wanted to know what type of thing he wants to do etc and I think Gary'll get a lot out of it.

I think going with him on a regular basis will do us both good too, as I always feel guilty that he's sitting at home whilst Bec and me are at the gym.

Didn't stay long though, my ankle was perfectly fine, until I got up off the floor after doing my sit ups and decided to use that particular foot to pull myself up on, yep, it hurt like hell and has been protesting ever since, sigh ... my fault entirely. I knew I should have stayed on the cardio machines!

Had my eyebrows reshaped after my session. They've got a lovely Elemis salon there so I decided to treat myself and booked a facial for next Saturday. My mother is giving me money for my birthday on Thursday, so that's what I'm going to use it for. They have an offer on at the moment, a lovely facial, followed by a head massage, and hand and arm massage to finish ... bliss!

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