21 August, 2006

Shopping trip!

I booked a day off work today so that I could finish getting Rebecca's new uniform in readiness for September. If there's one thing I hate and that's rushing around at the last minute. As I've been buying her bits and bobs, I've been sewing name labels in as that's another job I hate, even though I cross stitch. But it's different.

We went to M&S to look for black shorts (they didn't have any) and walked past the "trainer bras".

"Do you want to be measured?" I asked her casually.

She nodded enthusiastically so I took it as a good sign, she's noticed that most of her friends are wearing them and she is starting to grow in that department so we got down to business and got her fitted. She hasn't stopped fiddling with it yet though!! I've bought quite a few for her so they should last her until her next fitting in six months.

Sigh, my baby's growing up (wail!!!!)

1 comment:

Lorna said...

I'm putting off the name tag sewing too.

DD#1 has overtaken me in the bra dept. Very depressing.