13 August, 2006


After all Gary said when I joined the gym in May, he has now finally decided that he'd quite fancy a go too! I'm stunned! Before he could change his mind, I got him signed up with Flint so there was no turning back!

His session was yesterday and he looked so stunned! Flint put him on the treadmill which wasn't good news for Gary as he'd never been on one before so wasn't a bit confortable on it, plus he was feeling tense, naturally, so I don't think he had a good time, bless ... then he tried the rower. Not a happy bunny. I thought I hated it, but he absolutely detests it! I've never known someone to hate it as much as that! But to be fair, he persevered.

After an hour and a half with Flint he finally let him go. He came over for a chat and he just looked, well, stunned is the only word I can use to describe him! I'm still smiling at the memory!

He was happy to wait on the bench with a glass of water until I'd finished my workout and Flint saw the opportunity and came over for a natter (as he does). He told me that he can see that Gary isn't a well man. He's approximately four stone overweight, plus he's got too much bulk in his shoulders (he's a 44" chest and that's muscle believe it or not). He said that he must try and get his heart rate down as that was quite frightening although he played it down when he explained it to Gary. He also said that with plenty of visits to the gym he should start to feel much better soon too, which was a relief.

So we went up the gym again today, Gary was praying Flint wouldn't be there, which he wasn't (I already knew he wouldn't be, but didn't share that little nugget with him ...) We went on the treadmill together and he coped ok, he was a bath of sweat by the time he finished, but to be fair, he coped. "What's next?" I asked him, pointedly looking over at the rower, "I like to get that bit done and dusted after the treadmill," I added. His face dropped like a stone! "Let's do some weights," he said feebily (or as feebly as a 17 stone man can muster). So that's where we headed.

I'm quite happy doing weights, I do three sets of arms, legs and trunk in a rotation, but Gary struggled. He's got a touch of arthritis in his shoulders and knees and complained of a "burning" sensation after about 10 reps so I think he needs to talk to Flint about it when he has his next session on Thursday. He seemed to be okay though, happy, I think.

Then I wrestled him onto the rower, "Come on, let's get it over with!" I couldn't believe that he actually took a phone call in the middle of it!! He took his damn phone in with him ... that'll be the last time, I'll see to that, hmph!

He was sweating like a pig when he finished (well he didn't actually finish, he stopped when I did). "Can we go now?" "Nope, we've got to cool down before we go," I said cheerily, enjoying every minute of it. Well he put me through hell when I was going on my own, so watching him suffer was such a, well, lovely experience!

Anyway, next installment on Tuesday! Heh heh heh!!


Karen said...

Way to go Gary! Starting up an exercise program is never easy. Exactly how much is a stone anyway? I'm guessing around 10 lbs?

Nicola said...

14 lbs to a stone, Karen! So he's got a way to go, but I'm sure he'll do it!