29 July, 2006

Yesterday, I had a fit in my head!

What turned out to be a normal "cleaning of the house" session, turned out in fact to be a "lets change the room around" session. I can only put it down to the cooler weather and the fact that I'm on annual leave for a week - madness!

Gary was on afternoons so didn't come home until it was all done and just stood in the doorway, with his face dropped to his boots, heh heh heh!

The cat wouldn't settle all night though, I think he hates change. He just kept walking around and around and generally driving us all nuts as he would insist on dragging his tail across the t.v. I was by that time totally shattered and was just slumped in front of it, trying to watch "Clarence".

I'm working overtime today though, so no rest for the wicked ...

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