31 July, 2006

Rebecca's MRI Scan

Her scan was this morning and, naturally, her nerves were twanging. To be fair, we didn't have to wait too long so she was quite calm by the time we were called.

We were told that one of us could go in with her, which was great as none of us wanted her to be alone in there.

The Radiologist was absolutely brilliant. He made her feel totally at ease, he explained everything to her and before putting earplugs in her ears he asked her if she had any questions or concerns. She asked how long it would take and he said that if she was a good girl, it would be around 15 minutes, but if she was a wriggler it would take around 20. He put it in such a kindly way though, you could see that she was totally at ease.

He slid her in after explaining once more that there would be loud bangs and noises, that it was all perfectly normal and that he'd be able to hear her at all times.

I kept my hand on her ankle (the only part of her I could get near!) and I don't know who was feeling more assured at that point, her or me! I think it was probably me because she was amazingly relaxed in that tunnel, which was all good.

She came out looking at little stunned, but nevertheless okay after it which was such a relief. Now we have to wait for the Consultant to get in touch with us for the results and what to do next.

And so the waiting game starts all over again ...


Michelle said...

I am glad it went ok Nichola. Those scans are not nice at all, but it sounds as if Rebecca coped brilliantly. Kudos to the good radiographer too as that really helps.

Karen said...

I'm happy to hear she had an easy time in the MRI. Hopefully you'll get wonderful news. : )

Anonymous said...

It really helps to have caring medical practitioners to assist you before undergoing any medical process. Anyway, what’s wrong with Nichola? How is she now? I hope that the MRI scan turned out negative.

-Julio Loose