23 July, 2006

Radio Wales/Dr Who

A local(ish) radio station was in Swansea today, the fun started at 2 p.m. There were bands, plus radio presenters and every so often they would do a live link. The weather was absolutely glorious (apparently, Swansea was the hottest place to be in Wales today) and we spent most of the time sitting on the grass (or dancing to some fabulous music), being entertained ... what a blissful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Now all Dr Who fans probably know that it's filmed mainly in Swansea and Cardiff. As a little twist, the tardis was there, plus a darlek and a cyberman was walking around too, and yes, they were all the real thing! Here's some pics, I took via my camera phone ...

I had to take a couple of Bec standing beside the Tardis and the darlek too!

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Sam said...

I think I would probably have run a mile if I'd seen a Dalek gliding up my high street! Great photos Nicola :o)