13 May, 2006

Update ...

My leg is feeling a lot better now, I've been listening to the doctor (for once) and resting it up. I'm getting twinges rather than all out pain when I'm putting weight on it now, so it's definitely getting better.

Bec has been fussing around me like a mother hen, bless her. She loves telling me off when I'm walking on it (a little bit too much for my liking, hmmm!)

I've really taken advantage though and stitched quite a bit this week. I don't tend to stitch a lot in the week as we have too much going on and by the time I get home of an evening, I'm either too tired or can't be bothered to get my stitching out. The weekend is when I catch up.

I've been enjoying reading this week too. Cell by Stephen King has got to be one of his best for a long time and I can't put it down (or pick my mobile phone up - read it, you'll understand!) It's had mixed reviews, but I'm enjoying it. (Note to self - I really must read more books this year).

Thanks to all who have wished me a speedy recovery - your posts really perked me up!

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Karen said...

I just now read about your leg. So sorry you hurt yourself. It sounds quite painful. I hope you're feeling better soon! In the meantime, stitch to your heart's content!