17 May, 2006

I'm spooked out!

Rebecca has just totally spooked me out! We were coming home from the dojo earlier and I'd taken my Stephen King book with me to read - it's a two hour lesson, so it's nice to fill the time with a good book.

Anyway, on the way home out of the blue she said that she knew why a bus was so slow ... an exact phrase in Cell by Stephen King ... I swear, the hairs on my arms started to prickle at this point and I explained to her why, which made her chuckle...

Then came the whammy.

"Oh I'm telepathic," she said. "I knew about the bus in the book." Which of course she doesn't not having read it, but (and here it comes) ...

That's how the phone crazies communicate in the book. My hair stood on end at this point.

Rebecca, of course, finds this all highly amusing.

*shudders* Creeped out is an understatement.

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Karen said...

Yikes!! Creeeepy. Stephen King books will do that to you, though. ; ) Here in the States on the 23rd they are airing a TV Movie of his book Desperation. It's one I read, so I'm looking forward to it, even though his movies never come close to the books.