16 May, 2006

Gutted ...

I was walking back to work today from my lunch break and happened to pass the framers I use. What did I see in the window? A dirty, great big sign that said ...


It's the only half decent framers in Swansea and it's the one I used for "Country Spring", (the first part of my mum's "country" set). I was hoping to be able to take each season there with a view to having all four frames matched up perfectly. Now that's just not going to happen.

The only way I can see it is if I find a new framer who is prepared to re-frame Country Spring when they are framing Country Summer and to frame Autumn and Winter exactly the same way in the near future.

I'm totally gutted as I was so happy with the way they'd framed Country Spring, they even kept a record of the dimensions and the frame because I told them that there was another three to come.

There is another one in Swansea but he made such a mess of Emerald Mermaid (he squashed the beads and wondered why I went back and demanded he do it again!) that I won't set foot in there now. I want this set to be perfect, a lot of time and effort has gone into them and the last thing I want is for my mum to see them spoiled by a shoddy framer. I want her to look at them and see a cross stitch that she loves and has been stitched just for her, then framed perfectly.

My quest for a new framer is on ... I'll keep you posted.

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Karen said...

Your framer closing is almost as bad as when your LNS closes!! Good luck in your search for a new framer. It's so hard to find a good one, isn't it??