14 April, 2006

Lets Compare Dresses...

Let's compare dresses (I'm in an evil mood today ...)

These photos were taken six months apart (both are at brother in law's weddings). Can you see how ill fitting the latest dress is? Why order an age 14 for a 10 year old? She doesn't have the body to fill it, the waist was in the wrong place and we won't even go into the hemming part of the dress, grrr.... The fact that it was made especially for her makes it even worse.

To be fair, the ivory one was an age 12, but she's tall and as you can see, it's fitting her perfectly. The sleeves were meant to be long and over her knuckles, the bolero was the right age for her. Nothing needed hemming, adjusting, tweaking or otherwise, it was off the peg from Debenhams and fitted like a glove.

I rest my case and will won't mention this damn farce again.

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