22 February, 2006

22 Feb 06

Went to Tai Chi last night - it's getting harder now! I love learning the short form though but thought I'd never grasp it but after a lot of encouragement and practice I think I cracked it. Will practice some more later. Can't wait to go back tomorrow night to see if I've improved or not.

Had to go to the hairdressers yesterday too. It's a chore for me as I hate all that sitting around waiting for the highlights to go "off". I got there at 10.45 and came out at 1.45 - see what I mean? Now that it's done for another few months, I'm happy. No wonder I drag it out so long between having my highlights done...

A letter came from the hospital on Monday, I thought it would be an appointment date, but no. It was just confirming that my GP had written and that it was all in hand. Shook me up when I read it came from "General Surgery" Ward though.

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